A brain extension. Organise your thoughts
New Note


me /me 20 Sep 2017

- /me is JUST home page - new visitors get the offline interfa/jamesleeds go to /jamesleeds to see stuff
- #hash tags for normal hashing, "/" are for bigger sections (and your own organisation)
- Less line margin on paste
- On save, don't repaint, but "Flash" note to say it's saved
- Courier / code option (back to MORE editors?!)
- New note on mobile!
- Hamburger menu for mobile (or some other mechanism to reach /me )
- Left menu - recent / popular tags? OR kill it?
- User settings
- Img uploads
- Comments
- Friends
- Following: you can "follow" any person or pile. Follow btn at top of every page (except /me
- Twitter sign-up (esp for commenting)
- Twitter integration - post published to Twitter (< 140 chars will just get published as is?)
- Private sharing

- No-one else can post to your reserved userTag pile
- You can't claim a userTag if that pile has more than 5 entries in it already (without BT;LT approval)
- Reserved piles (or those with > 5 entries) can be bought?
- Margin notes (always specific to you, but can be written against anyone's big thoughts?). Idea: comment using margin notes; when someone highlights your reply it "adds them" to the original
- Different "levels" of friendship: 
- "Likes" maybe later
- Multi-user docs... maybe shared (private) piles (added to usertag list)
- "Allow comments" is an option
- Malicious code injection
- Policing links / content
A brain extension & publishing tool for creatives

This is for me. I find it hard to juggle lots of stuff simultaneously; my brain has limitations - probably more than other people's. I suffer from systemic disorganisation. My TextEdit consists of a flotilla of windows sandwiched between Chrome and my desktop; my Google Keep is uncontrollably rammed with inappropriately lengthy uncategorised stuff; and my inbox is a multi-thousand unread post-apocalypse world of missed opportunity.
In the public sphere my Tumblr is neglected - but not as badly as my Medium and blogger accounts.  Sometimes I build blogs or bigger CMSes as part of the systems I attempt to steer into the world, but off the shelf ones are awful - to build, adapt or use.

In short - my life is a messy pile of squandered ideas and disconnected threads.

BigNote; LittleNote is my attempt to solve this (or at least help).

Get started by logging in and going to /me (everyone has their own) which is like that moleskine you religiously carry (or textedit or whatever). It's your private thoughts (stored locally in your browser) - the myriad little ideas you have go in the small column on the right; the more lengthy culmination of those thoughts on the left.

To publish, choose a user tag for the world can know you by. For example, mine are /jamesleeds and /brokencapitalism

Order is important - it's a pile (i.e. not chronological). This is so that the most recently accessed stuff always bubbles to the top, because I never get around to archiving the junk - the idea is that it just disappears into the bowels of your account over time. You can always search, and if you feel the need to categorise use a "/" - which neatly doubles as the url to get back to that pile of stuff. So /cars is the pile where I keep my largely embarrassing petrol (or increasingly electric) head fantasies - see /jamesleeds/cars or /me/cars for your private vehicular thoughts - with /cars standing for everyone's.

And that's pretty much it. You're welcome to use it. I love it, though I won't take offence if you don't.