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11 01 2017 11:01 | #2 /me

... as dpye?
Quantitative Easing gave money back to the wealthy by buying bonds they held with made up money. Money which ended up not pushed into exciting new investments and interesting new jobs, but re-invested into other assets whose prices all went up like overstuffed geese.

Traditional economic theory explains that giving in to the age-old governmental temptation to simply print money leads to inflation. More of anything sloshing around makes that thing less valuable. But an interesting thing happened with QE - no inflation (and even deflation in some countries) - it's a miracle cure! But that says more about how inflation is measured. The prices of many things - houses, classic cars, art, stocks - skyrocketed, but they aren't generally measured in official inflation figures. At the same time, wages stagnated and food & oil prices dropped. So we had differential inflation - the top 2/economics% of the population (the non-wage earners generally) experiencing huge, positive inflation of things they own - and the bottom 6/economics% (those with jobs) benefitting only if they were already home/stock owners and having no effect on the rest. When I say no-effect, what is actually happening is that in-relation to the cost of property etc they have got considerable poorer, but using a pernicious type of inflation that also keeps salaries low.


Money printing has caused inflation. It's just that so precious little of that wealth has trickled past the highly wealthy, the working population saw no pay rises, and supermarkets could not up their prices consequenty. I predict: food and consumer goods inflation has to come soon, leading to even measured inflation rising. Some supermarkets will go bust as they can no longer hold back the force of £ devaluation and rising input prices vs consumer's ability to pay higher prices.

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In polling, 75% of Trump supporters want to repeal Obamacare even though they are mostly the poor beneficiaries. If you ask the exact same question without calling it "Obamacare" that drops to 13%

Those fighting against the USs fledgling ability to catch up with the rest of the civilised world and look after people who are ill are able to keep popular support against it by reminding people it was proposed by a black man.

In Kentucky, they even rebranded it so that those in need would take it up:

It's only after reading comments against various Obamacare articles that I understand (though disagree) with the opposition to it from poor white Americans. The rebranding of ACA as "Obamacare" is a racist issue THAT makes it sound like healthcare for poor black people, paid for by increased premiums to wealthy whites.

... it gets it really wrong.

This is a 198/trumpinauguration Ford Mustang with a 4.2L V8 petrol engine that produces 119bhp. My older, 1974 1.6L makes more than that.

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Bang on the money...

20 01 2017 13:01 | #1 /brokencapitalism

Example reply

20 01 2017 09:01 | #1 /jamesleeds

Reply to: /davidpye
Yes, have been thinking about gamification for a while. Probably something for the free version


20 01 2017 08:01 | #6 /me

/jamesleeds I think it's more than likely it actually already exists. How hard could it be for a Windows Engineer who knows Linux to retrofit Linux to operate the way windows does on the surface?
In other words, flying /cars won't be here until self-driving has been solved. I'm betting that Average people aren't safe enough pilots; and wider adoption of autonomous vehicles will drive up expectations of safety.

Tim Cook's focus on making lots of money over making great products is short-termism writ large. Alienating those people who original evangelised Apple products is a long term strategic misjudgement - cementing Apple's decline (started even before Jobs' death with the bungled iCloud)?

Linux on Windows

17 01 2017 08:01 | #1 /jamesleeds

I would be surprised /davidpye if there aren't several future thinkers at MS calculating the effort in replacing the Windows core API with UNIX

Would require a similar transition period to the move from OS9 to OSX, with MS universal binary equivalents.

Another small thought

11 01 2017 23:01 | #5 /jamespupilasset


This is a new little thought.

01 01 1970 01:01 | #2 /me

Hopefully it saves?