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Education set to "Hard"

15 02 2017 09:02 | #1 /jamesleeds

Need to coin a phrase for the educational attitude (expressed here) that promotes teaching fundamental principles before nurturing natural interest.

We risk putting off potentially excellent candidates / extinguishing natural interest by introducing subjects at a complex level disconnected from the experience or interest of the student. In this example, I would have been put off as a child if I didn't have BASIC to allow me to instantly see something that looked like the games I had already played. Learning the principles of pointers or recursive functions would have proven too high a bar - for my interest and my intellect.

Other examples in eduction abound however. Is the reason we trail other European countries in maths something to do with our desperate policies to cram learning in at an increasingly young age - far before any natural interest (or relevance) has presented itself? So many children go on to consider Maths a "chore" - just a means to a grade to university to a job.

It's the Govian mentality of learning your nouns and verbs and proper grammar before establishing a simple joy of writing creatively.

How about over-education? Or Premature-Curriculum?